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Mom lit a candle on 06/07/2017: "I miss you so much buddy! loving you always"
Christina Lovaas lit a candle on 09/15/2016: "Thinking of you Justin, thank you for your reminders! I hope you are flying high!"
Aunt Kirsten lit a candle on 09/13/2016: "Justin, hope you are soaring with the butterflies today. Miss you bud. 💜💜"
Robin Coleman lit a candle on 03/15/2016: "Sorry it's been so long since I have written miss you and see you in every beautiful butterfly!"
Aunt Jennifer lit a candle on 01/10/2016: "Happy Birthday Justin! Thinking about you so much. It's football Sunday and I remember you watching football at Nany's."
AC lit a candle on 10/24/2015: "Justin. You are so strong on my mind this morning. What's up. I am trying to listen to my heart.. What shall I do? LuvU"
Jennifer Chiala lit a candle on 01/10/2015: "Thinking of you today on your Birthday. Miss you tons. Love you always."
Auntie Carol lit a candle on 11/15/2014: "Thinking of you Justin 🐶 my special Godson. Luv U forever! Kisses xoxoxo"
Robin Coleman lit a candle on 10/16/2014: "That time of year when all the beautiful butterflies are flying around and everyone reminds me of you. love and miss ya!"
Aunt Kirsten lit a candle on 06/07/2014: "Justin, I'm finding so many dimes and I think of you every time. Love you"
Nony's Flaming Arrow lit a candle on 03/31/2014: "shootin' for the stars"
Christina Sister <3 ^J^ James B. lit a candle on 01/24/2014: "Sending love and Prayers to the Jolley5! Justin watch over them with special care now!"
Uncle John lit a candle on 01/10/2014: "Happy Syrupy Birthday. Hope your angelic pancakes were delicious! Miss you."
Uncle Tony To Angel JJ lit a candle on 09/13/2013: "Your Smile shines brighter & BRIGHTER. You did it, I'll always be proud of you <3"
Uncle Tony Aunt Zoe Cousins Logan&Kayla lit a candle on 09/13/2013: "Your little cousins are learning all about you & the love & happiness that you bring everyone everyday. Love & miss you"
San Jose Chialas lit a candle on 09/12/2013: "Sending you a big hug and love from uncle john, aunt kirsten and your cousins. xoxo"
Aunt Kirsten lit a candle on 07/20/2013: "This candle is just for you. love and miss you. p.s. did you have a bite of that big pile of Uncle John's waffles?? :)"
AC lit a candle on 07/18/2013: "This is gonna be great! A Butterfly Release. You are in just the best position to see it!! LoveU LoveMe"
Nany's Correction Candle For Justin lit a candle on 06/03/2013: "LOL I meant luv me..NOT lug me. Silly me. So in thoughts of you I miss spelled.But I do luv u 4rever luv u luv me"
Nany &. Her Special Candle For Justin lit a candle on 06/03/2013: "Oh JUSTIN How I still miss u; luv u and ache for your touch. Live ,luv, laugh in heaven til we meet again.luv u-lug me"
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