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missing my bud  / Chelle Skow (friend)  Read >>
missing my bud  / Chelle Skow (friend)
Hey Justin, Can't believe we have lived 10 long years without you in our midst. I think of you at least once a day and love to share stories about you with people who knew you and even those who didn't. I told my class about you today and they wish they could have known you too! I love and miss you my forever friend! Close
A Birthday Tribute  / Nany (Grandmother)  Read >>
A Birthday Tribute  / Nany (Grandmother)

My Dearest Grandson Justin,

I remember so well your birth 21 years ago today. It was so special but no where near as special as you. You brought 14 memorable years into our lives. Oh the fun, joy, excitement and LOVE you gave us. It all fills my heart and soul; if only I could touch you again and feel your hand in mine. But the warm glow of your memory in my heart will do until we meet again. I luv you more today, more today than yesterday and less than I will tomorrow.

Luv u Luv me, Nany

Happy 21 !!!

From: "pretty pretty girl"  / Michele Pacheco (Friend/neighbor)  Read >>
From: "pretty pretty girl"  / Michele Pacheco (Friend/neighbor)

Last night i went on my first date, to prom. My date was a classmate of mine, Adam. When i met his mom and she said "has he asked you to prom yet?" i began to cry, with joy. my mind flashed back to my first day in this small town new school two months ago, and the first student i met. Nerves rushed over me as we parked infront of the school, and in the car beside me climbed out a smiling Adam. And for a moment Justin i saw you, i was finally okay. The last time i had moved so far away from my home in Arizona was the last time i saw you, on your big blue tricycle ridding after our car.

Adam and i wore Navyblue and white, and danced for hours. After every dance he would hug me and say "I still love you." i would embrace him and tell him i love him too. (and although it wasnt you) for a moment i would just breath and i wasnt only hugging Adam and making sure he knew i did love him, i was hugging you and making sure you knew how much i love you. Justin, you were my first best friend and i love you with all my heart. Thank you for blessing me with your presence. Jolley5. are always in my thoughs and prayers.

~ Keeping you in Prayer at This Difficult Time ~  / Auntie Carol (I LOVE U JUSTIN!!! )  Read >>
~ Keeping you in Prayer at This Difficult Time ~  / Auntie Carol (I LOVE U JUSTIN!!! )

In the love of God may we find strength and peace. In the prayers of family and friends, may we find comfort and LOVE ~ XOXO


Thinking of you Justin - JJ  / Deb Briody (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you Justin - JJ  / Deb Briody (Friend)
Justin have been thinking of you but haven't visited your website for awhile.  Was driving James to school today the same car had been in front of us for miles finally I noticed its personalized license plate -- it said "Think JJ".  So I did.  And of course that meant I thought of you!  :)  Love to you Justin and your most wonderful family. Close
I'll Paint You A Rainbow  / AC (Great Aunt )  Read >>
I'll Paint You A Rainbow  / AC (Great Aunt )

I'll paint you a rainbow to hang upon the wall
to brighten up your heart when grey shadows fall.
On a canvas joy outlasting through the years
with a soft brush of sweetness to dry up all your tears.

I'll paint you a rainbow with colors of sweet smiles
that glow with love and laughter over the miles.
On a palette words will spill tenderly a blend
of tones turned into treasures of sunlight and wind.

I'll paint you a rainbow that reaches out so wide
that all your sights and sorrows will vanish down inside
and deep in the center of each different colored hue
a memory is fashioned especially for you.

Your Love and Warm Smile Endures  / Nany (Grandmother)  Read >>
Your Love and Warm Smile Endures  / Nany (Grandmother)

My Loving Grandson
It is always so hard to write here as the tears flow.  Today it marks 4 years that you have been in heaven and as that is supposed to be a happy lovely place I guess I should be happy too.  But as I can't see or feel your touch the tears swell up.   I do feel your presence in so many ways.  My heart is overflowing with your love.  Keep shining on us here be happy there.  We know you are at peace and very loved by God and all the angels.

You bring joy everywhere.
but always near
So Loved
So Missed
and so very dear ...

 Luv u more...Nany Close
Happy 18th Birthday!!!!  / Jolley 5. Love You Always! (In our hearts forever! )  Read >>
Happy 18th Birthday!!!!  / Jolley 5. Love You Always! (In our hearts forever! )
WOW! 18 years ago today I gave birth to the most glorious gift I could ever ask for. In tribute to you and your brother Jakob's 13th birthday we went to the snow and went skiing and snowboarding. Even AUnt Jax skiied. I surrounded myself with nature energy good vibes and family. I felt the joy of you with me going down the slopes. Dad wanted to head to the Bunny Ranch in your honor...he had big plans for your 18th birthday.. I guess he will just have to save that trip for another time. We love you always and found the dimes you left us!! Love your family!! mom dad Jessica and Jakob! Close
Nov:Remembering Our Loved Ones Who Have Left Us  / Nany (Grandmother)  Read >>
Nov:Remembering Our Loved Ones Who Have Left Us  / Nany (Grandmother)
This month we recall with affection all those who no longer walk this earth. Justin we are so grateful for the gift of your life in ours even though it was so short. We are so grateful for the gift of your sweet companionship your loving smile your sense of humor your warm hugs your delight in all the wonders of nature the way you always made our days so bright and for all the cherished memories which will endure forever. You remain a part of us in so many special ways. Our hearts and yours are one. Luv U Luv Me...Nany Close
Justin's Smile  / Deb Briody (Friend)  Read >>
Justin's Smile  / Deb Briody (Friend)


Am thinking of you so much today. And just wanted you to know that on the 13th of September I walked by James' room -- looked over at his bed and saw a yearbook laying there. I went in picked it up and opened the book. It opened directly to your page. And there was your beautiful smiling face looking back at me. It made me smile!!!! It made my day!!!

Thanks Justin.  :) 

Much love to you and to your wonderful family.

Hello from Desert Hills  / Susan McIver (Friend)  Read >>
Hello from Desert Hills  / Susan McIver (Friend)
Just wanted to send a quick note to say hi to the J5.  We can't believe is has been three years.  Camille and Hayden have both joined a club at their high school Cactus Shadows.  The club is called Best Buddies and they are assigned a buddy who is usually Down Syndrome or has some form of Autism and they help them at school and can do things with them out of school.  They both said that they think of Justin often and he was part of why they wanted to do it.  Camille also has an autistic friend that has adopted her and her friends for lunch everyday.  It is just another example of how Justin has touched the life of others and continues to.  I really don't think either of them would be doing this had they not known him.  Thank you Justin! Close
A Birthday without You  / Nany (Grandmother)  Read >>
A Birthday without You  / Nany (Grandmother)
My dearest Justin It has been almost three years since I have been able to give you big hugs and kisses . I still miss you more than ever and the pain of losing you is still stronger than ever. I know you are with me because I see your signs everywhere I go. I even feel your hand in mine once in awhile and it gives me a warm sensation all over. Right now I am missing you so much more as it was three of my birthdays ago that I was in your hospital room waiting for your smile and your eyes to open. But that really never came about and I have learned to close my eyes to see that lovely smile of yours and the sparkle in your eyes. God blessed us with you for such a short time; I don't know why the time was so short and will never know the answer to why so I don't ask. I just move on and thank God for all the lovely years we had you and re-live the great moments together. Like our trip to San Francisco when we rode the cable car walked on the Golden Gate Bridge and toured China town in your crazy socks. I went with your cousins John Andrew and Nico and Aunti Kirsten the other day and the memory of you there was so strong. Thanks for so many happy times. Those memories keep the pain subdued Grandpa wears your hat that you wore on the train to the Grand Canyon. He loves it and always puts it on and says " In memory of Justin" He cherishes that hat as I cherish the picture of you and him on the train so so happy. Keep heaven aglow for us there with God. We will be together again. I love you Forever Nany Close
sweet Justin  / Aunt Kirsten   Read >>
sweet Justin  / Aunt Kirsten

This is the tribute to Justin that I wrote for his memorial service. I was thinking about him this morning and reread this today. I wanted to share it with everyone.

I would ask all of you to close your eyes for a minute and picture Justin's precious face. I know you are seeing him smiling.. because that was Justin's expression 99 point 9 percent of the time. In fact, he honestly could not make a mean face. some of you may have heard this story.. this summer John tried to take pictures of Justin with all kinds of expressions happy face, sad face, mean face... and he couldnt get him to make a mad face... it speaks volumes about the kind of person he was,, and how he brightened all of our lives.

Justin did leave a mark on everyone he ran into on a daily basis.. how could you not smile when you saw him? the most important things in his life were family and friends.. (and food) he didn't have a mean streak in his body--

Justin didn't get caught up in most of the things we all do-- more money -- a bigger house or new cars-- he just wanted to be with his family, sleep on the trampoline at night, ride his quad, swim all day in nannys pool, fish with grandpa, and eat as many donuts and syrup covered pancakes as he could.. my boys think he must be in heaven with an endless supply of syrup right now. and we have to agree.. althought we know he is doing many other things up there as well.. as he's been sending signs to all of us that he is ok,, and he is with the Heavenly Father

people who met Justin remembered him-- even if they only knew him for a short time-- he made an impression-- one woman who saw him at our wedding 10 years ago said i just remember him in that little tuxedo, he looked so sweet-- he seemed to be a content child in whatever he was doing.. that got me thinking.. Justin was content in whatever he did.. Donna's relatives who met Justin when he was a small child echoed those feelings.. he touched people

that was very evident while he was in the hospital in arizona.. it was amazing to see the flood of friends and support.. a hospital room filled with pictures, with friends endlessly stopping by.. convoys of food coming in to feed family.. classmates sending videos and making signs.. at one point i said to nell, wow you have some really great friends.. this is incredible.. she said, you know what it's not us.. it's Justin.. amazing the response one person can generate

it's also a tribute to nell and rob as parents.. and Jessica and Jakob

one quick story for you, this past spring, we had the pleasure of visiting the jolleys in arizona.. and as we were getting ready to leave I told Nell, it was strange I couldn't find any of our socks.. she laughed and told me about Justin's love for socks.. he had confiscated all of them and put them in a pile in his parents room.. we did end up tracking them down before we left... and I can't help but think--- if you have a few missing sicks turn up in the future... consider yourself lucky.. and think of Justin..

the point is.. Justin was such a happy guy and a constant source of joy for his entire family-- he would not like seeing anyone sad.. the biggest tribute we can pay to Justin is to live each and every day to the fullest, knowing the most important things in life are the people sitting next to you in this room..

To keep Justin in our hearts and lives everyday.. each and every one of us can honor him by showing a smile to a stranger, spending more time with the people we love, and remembering to squeeze the joy out of every day like he did-- Justin we miss you deeply, but we are so proud of you for the mark you left in our hearts and our lives.. and we treasure the time we did have with you... we love you

i miss you  / JESSICA Lil Sis   Read >>
i miss you  / JESSICA Lil Sis
hay i got cut short on my candle so i am thinking of u all day but i really miss u so so so so much. i wish u were here i try to tell my friends about u but they do not get it at all. on this day well it is later so later in the morning i laid next to u for the last time and it was the hardest thing of my life i will always remember that for all my life. s i want u to give mom a visit but it is hard living in cali now i really miss all my old friends who knew u cause then i could talk about it well it is late i will come on again tomorrow.!!!!!!!! love you 4 always your little sis jessica Close
My Heart Shell - Thank you!  / AC   Read >>
My Heart Shell - Thank you!  / AC

Hey Angel J. I haven't written in so long. But I think of you every day. My wonderful friend, Mary, went on a cruise and on her way home she stopped in Florida. She walked the beaches and found loads of rocks and shells. She brougnt me some of them. They are so awesome. There is this one shell in a perfect shape of a heard-perfect in every way. I know you love it too because it keeps coming up missing! I know also, it isn't lost because I always find it in a different place than I left it. Mary also gave me some beautiful rocks from the beach. ALL HEART shaped! Don't you just LOVE it?

AND thank you for calling in the troops! You are really helping your MOM with the JJFM Baseball FunDay, aren't you.. It is going to be another successful event..

Thank you for playing the "shell game" with me..


love and miss you  / Robin Coleman (friend/classroom aid )  Read >>
love and miss you  / Robin Coleman (friend/classroom aid )
Justin, I'm so sorry that I have not written in a while! I helped coach the boys volleyball team and the girls basketball team, now that they are over I have more time. Just because I haven't written for a while doesn't mean that I have not been thinking about you. I think about you everyday and I also think about your family especially your mom, I know her heart aches for you everyday. You need to visit her everyday and give lots of butterfly kisses to her and all the rest of your family. You are in a better place and you know you and your family will be together again someday and so I need you to do me a big favor...Keep giving your mom signs and letting her know you will reunite in heaven someday, it will truly be a grand reunion. I was in the habitat the other day sitting on the bench looking down at the statue of the little baseball boy that reads Justin Jolley 1992-2006 and dang it all those tears just started running down my face, I wasn't sad at all though because I know you are in a great place, it's just that I miss your smiling face and your big heart! You Justin Jolley have the biggest heart and the most love I have ever seen, and your mom has a big heart and so much love for you so you let her feel your presence. Jolley family you are so loved and missed here in Arizona. Jessica I miss our awesome handshake! I hope you are all doing good! Take care love you guys! J-5 Forever Close
A Gift From Heaven  / Danielle Jolley (Angel J's Mom )  Read >>
A Gift From Heaven  / Danielle Jolley (Angel J's Mom )
Justin, Thank you, for letting me know you are here with me. Especially when I needed you. I am writing this tribute to acknowledge to you that I did receive your sign today and to others that life after death does exist and Justin is with us. Today I was at work and I needed to find a picture of a “ball bath” for a little girl’s communication book. I began looking through a special needs catalog to find the picture. As I was thumbing through the catalog, sadness came over me. I saw several models with Down’s syndrome smiling and playing with various toys. The first thought was how much I missed you and how much those smiling children reminded me of you. Secondly, those models were a reminder of why I do what I do everyday for special needs children. I was blessed with your birth, which led me to the career choice that I love. My last thought was how even after your short life on earth, I continue to honor you by going to work everyday and making our physical world a better place for children with special needs. These thoughts overwhelmed me today as I sat at a table in a little chair and tears came to my eyes. I quickly acknowledged my thoughts, shared a hug with a fellow special education teacher and continued my day. Well, I left the classroom for the playground to relieve a staff member for a lunch break. It was lunch recess and the sun was shining and warming my back. I was still a bit distracted by my previous thoughts and found the fresh air a comfort. I then noticed a group of 3 third grade girls walk by me. I noticed one of the girls holding a small painted rock, I smiled at her; of course thinking of how much Justin loved to paint rocks, too. As I smiled at the girl, I told her I liked her rock. She told me she painted it in second grade, a year ago, and that it is a special rock to her. She then reached in her pocket and handed me a small rock and says, “Here, I want you to have this one”. I took the rock and knew instantly that the rock was from Justin. Justin would often come home from school with pockets full of rocks. I would find rocks in the washing machine and rocks in his shoes. Justin collected rocks and left behind an extraordinary rock collection. He would spend hours in the rock shops if we let him. He always wanted to pick out a new rock in Sedona, AZ when we would visit. He would find beauty in simple rocks that others would walk over. That was the look of the rock I was given today. I thanked the little 3rd grade girl and asked her what her name was. Little did she know just how special that rock is and how she actually gave me a sign from heaven that Justin is with me. Some may be skeptical that it was a coincidence that the girl gave me the rock after I had such profound thoughts of Justin. Some may be too caught up in the everyday rush to notice the little gifts our loved ones send us from heaven. But, for me, I have learned to find joy in being in nature with Justin, laughter in children, and unconditional love from my family and friends. Live, Laugh, Love….Thinking of you always! Love, Mom Close
:] / Merissa Coleman (friend/schoolmate)  Read >>
:] / Merissa Coleman (friend/schoolmate)

  Softball season is coming up at Boulder Creek! Right now I am in basketball, and I am sooooooo excited for softball to start! Every time I see a ball, glove or bat, it makes me think of the diamond in the field; and in the distance there is a patch of flowers, with yellow butterflies flying all around it. It seems to me like you are visting me every day! I miss and think about you a lot and every time I do, it makes me think of the warm smiles and awesome high-fives you'd give me at school last year. I will be with you soon; and in the meantime, keep visiting your mom and the rest of your family and reassure them everything's okay and you will see them soon! :] you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Merissa<33 Close
Happy B-Day Lil Buddy  / Donald& Christina (Cousins)  Read >>
Happy B-Day Lil Buddy  / Donald& Christina (Cousins)
Hey today is your 16th Birthday, and Christina and i want to wish you a very happy and eventful day up there in heaven.  We got to deliever you a very special present to you today...  I kno you are just going to love him.. He treated us with so much love and affection, and he is going to do the same for you.. You two are going to be bestfriends... Takecare of our dear Keko, and have lots of fun with him... He loves to play and bark and growl but at the end of the day he will keep you company while you two rest... He will sleep with you in your arms upside down and keep you warm... We love you angel J and have a very Happy birthday and shine down on us in this hard time.  Say hi to angel Keko for us ... Love you love me!!! Close
Happy Sweet 16 Birthday!  / Mom 2. Angel Justin   Read >>
Happy Sweet 16 Birthday!  / Mom 2. Angel Justin
Justin, My tears have been like the rain today, nonstop. I started my day buying you a balloon and choosing some of your favorites for Jessica and Jakob's lunch. Yes, they have Sour Jelly Bellies in their lunch! I cherish every aspect of your life and on your birthday it seems as if it all unfolds. I know you are celebrating your day in Heaven and on Earth. The hardest part of today is when I think about "who you'd be today" I imagine that you would have a girlfriend and be in high school. Like most 16 year olds, you would be excited to drive.....Daddy wanted to buy you that White Quad on your birthday. Just thinking about your smile and laughter when you would drive your Green Quad brings tears to my eyes. I rationalize that I should cherish those memories, but I am just so sad without you. I miss you so much that words cannot express the ache and longing I have for you. I just never imagined that I would be spending your 16 th birthday searching for signs that you are with me. I know you are with me and you will let me know in your own spiritual ways. I will receive them with an open heart and even cherish those. My gift to you..... I will wipe my tears of sorrow I will smile at tomorrow. For today is your 16th birthday One that I want to celebrate Your Way. I will tell my friends & family how much they mean to me I will smile and lend a hand to those in need of me. I will take your memories and fill my heart Because your signs tell me we are never apart. You are in in my heart forever You are in my soul for always I love you Angel Justin! Love, MOM Close
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